New Year, Same Charles

With the end of 2019 and ushering in of the new year, Charles has some great photos to share. First, we celebrated his 8th birthday on November 24th! It is difficult to believe that he is 8 and that it has been nearly 4 years since receiving a liver failure diagnosis. This little dude is a rockstar. Pictured below is Charles as a puppy and a great closeup of his eight-year-old face. If you ask me, he has only gotten more handsome over time.

Baby Charles, just nine-weeks-old, meeting me for the first time.


Charles is now eight-years-old!

We also contend with late fall/winter weather in the Midwest. When it is chilly, it is time for more snuggles. Here is a photo of Charles getting some of those good snuggles before the holidays!

When it is cold in the Midwest during wintertime, it is snuggle time.

Of course, no holiday season would be complete without some great photos in front of the tree. This is Charles’s first Christmas tree. He enjoyed laying on the tree skirt!

Modeling around the Holiday Tree


Charles wearing his winter pajamas

We spent almost two weeks at home on the farm at my Meema’s house. Charles loves staying at Meema’s because she spoils him with eggs and treats and he loves the fancy recliners at her house.

Charles relaxing at Meema’s house while we were home on the farm for the holidays

Charles had a quiet new year’s celebration, but looked great in his party hat. He is ready to take on 2020!

New Year Party Boy

Now that the holiday season is over, we are back at home and into our regular schedule. When we are home on the farm, he is a very busy and always on alert. I think that he probably enjoys getting back into our regular routine. But I miss him like h*ck when I’m gone all day at work.

2020 has begun and it is time to get back to work!


Peace, love, and tripawds.

2 Replies to “New Year, Same Charles”

  1. Cannot tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed this delightful update AND adorable pictures!!!! And yes, Charles only gets more and more handsome with a big dose of cuteness thrown in!

    A belated MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR CHARLES AVOCADO!!! Love your very own personal Christmas tree. Such a special boy! And your Meema has a very pretty tree too. Nice of you to share your recliner her with her😎
    This is such a great way to start my New Year! Thank you so much for sharing your joy and cuteness!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. Hoppy Birthday / Christmas / New Years Charles! We agree, you are even more handsome and adorable now as a mature pup. Every photo of you just melts our heart. It’s easy to spoil you rotten, you are irresistible!

    Thanks for letting us know how you’re doing. As a Corgi Tripawd, you’re a rarity and the more people who know that YES, long-bodied dogs can be hoppy on three, the better. Keep on inspiring!

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