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Charles Avocado VanGogh, the three-legged corgi

Charles' story is long, but inspiring!

November 2020

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Another trip around the sun

Tomorrow we celebrate Charles’s 9th trip around the sun. It is difficult to believe that we’ve come this far. While 2020 has been full of ups and downs (mostly downs), we are looking forward to a reason to celebrate. We celebrate because every birthday, heck, even every day is a big deal for this guy. We are closing in on five years since his liver failure diagnosis and have surpassed the two year anniversary of Charles becoming a tripawd.

Charles, a three-legged tripawd corgi wearing a blue harness and a rainbow plaid bandana, laying on the ground upon some fall leaves, smiling

Charles enjoying a perfect fall day at Pike’s Peak State Park in NE Iowa

In a year full of uncertainty, Charles has had a great year as far as health is concerned. His liver values remain mostly and/or nearly within a normal range, we have his allergies under control, and he hasn’t had any issues with his ears since moving to Illinois. It is unreal what this little dude is capable of, even after almost nine years on this earth.

Charles, a three-legged sable pembroke welsh corgi wearing a blue life jacket, jumps into a pool

Charles got an opportunity to go for a swim this summer in our neighbors’ above-ground pool. He loves jumping in the water!

With my social calendar screeching to a halt this year, there is no doubt I would be lost without Charles. He has been my rock and a lot of times one of the only reasons worth getting out of bed in the day. Charles gives me purpose and I am so blessed to be his mama. Here’s to nine years, Charles. May we have many more years together. I love you, buddy.

Charles, a three-legged sable pembroke welsh corgi, laying on the soil within rows of corn

Charles came to the research farm with me a couple of times this summer. He was a great “helper.”

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November 23rd, 2020 at 10:23 pm

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3 Responses to 'November 2020'

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  1. HOPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLES!!! Nine times around the sun, that is so adorable. I love the way you put that.

    We were just talking about you the other day and wondering how you were doing. What a treat to know that you are still rockin’ life and keeping your mama sane. I imagine that a pandemic buddy doesn’t get any better than you. What a blessing to have you in this world!!!

    So I’m curious, how did you do with the swimming? Did you like it? All this time you’ve been part of our community, you’ve really showed people that Corgi dogs can make great Tripawds on land, and now you’re proving that water aint a big deal either. GO CHARLES!!!

    Hope you have a lovely celebration. Steaks and ice cream doggy cake for everypawdy!!


    24 Nov 20 at 5:19 am

  2. Charles loved swimming prior to becoming a tripawd. Honestly, becoming a tripawd has made swimming much easier for me since we don’t have to worry about sores on his paw. It is trickier for him, though. Even with the life jacket, he is prone to rolling over (short legs don’t provide much counterbalance). So after he jumps in, I walk alongside him to help him swim back and get him back to the pool deck. He loves it. He favorite part is definitely the “jumping in” portion. Haha. He’d rather just jump in and get back out to jump in again, but I forced him to take a full lap in the pool each time he jumped in because I know how good swimming is for his joints. He’s such a silly goofball. 🙂


    25 Nov 20 at 2:47 pm

  3. Soooo happy to get this update and see these ADORSBLE pictures! Charles just melts my heart everytime I see his pictures!

    Love that we are celebrating his NINTH TRIP AROUND THE SUN! Add a TWO YEAR AMPUVERSARY and GHREAT liver values to that celebration and we jave a huge pawty foing on….with once cream and cake for Charles Avocado VanGogh!

    It’s so much fun reading how he likes to “dock dive” over and over again. The picture of him jumping in is priceless! EVERY picture of him is priceless!!

    Thank you again for taking the time to update and to share all his great victories! You are a good team!!!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie!


    27 Nov 20 at 3:42 am

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